BREAKING: Launch of Another Travel Blog Despite Resistance

On a stereotypical turn of events, a new travel blog cropped up on the interwebs this week. Many travel enthusiasts wondered whether there would be anything new to say anyway and seemed skeptical about the uniqueness that the blogger promised.
“It’s going to be different”, said the young writer, who hails from India, a country on Earth. “It’ll be unique, I promise. It won’t be just about travel either.”
“This blog will put more focus on culture and its impact on history and in present day scenarios. We have such stark differences in lifestyle and I hope that this can spark conversations about culture and change people’s perception about it. I’ll obviously be looking at India initially, and then we’ll proceed”, the blogger elaborated.
When asked about her photo projects and if she was another one of those photographers, she vehemently disagreed and said that it was “just a hobby” but excused herself from the conversation soon after.
Readers across the galaxy expressed their concerns that another blogger might overcrowd the travel blogosphere. There were mixed feelings after the blogger made her intentions clear in staying unique.
“We encourage an increase in travel but not an increase in opinion sharing”, said Nexit Blire, a member of the Department of United Galactic Travel. “I have raised my voice within the department about these so-called blogs on the interweb and how they are exploiting their voice.”
Blire is well-known for his infamous planet gazing event at the Cassini Division and was on the last leg of his promotions for the event when he expressed his concern. He went on to stress the sanctity of travel and the need to limit such “redundant opinion sharing“.
“A filter sounds like a great idea. We can put a great filter up. It’s going to be a powerful filter, a beautiful filter.”
UPDATE: The Department of United Galactic Travel would like to stress that Nexit Blire does not speak on the department’s behalf. His words reflected solely his opinions. The Department also reached out to explain that they do not endorse any of Blire’s planet gazing shenanigans.



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