About Tales in Transit

You’ve willingly stepped into this odd-shaped land that documents exploration and dabbles in satire. Cue the confetti! Tales in Transit is my wee brainchild. I hope you like reading the discourse, be it an exaggerated news post or a profound think piece. I value reader opinion as much as the next blogger and I look forward to your constructive thoughts.

The interweb is overrun with travel blogs so it might seem oh so typical of me to pick up blogging within this niche. But the need for exploration is an itchy bug in every human. Travel, put loosely, is an umbrella term for me. It tries to unravel the galaxy, understand the creative workings of the mind, and visit stunning landscapes. In that sense, my blog would be more inclined to exploration but darn it, I like to be relatable so let’s label this as a travel blog, shall we?

Writing (and rambling) about travel has always been fun. There’s no end to the ideas you can come up with from seeing new lands and even, reading about new worlds and lives. Broadly speaking, I classify reading as travel, and my book blog, serves as an ode to the fictional worlds I’d like to live in. I know that there are many blogs with adored travel writing far better than what I can come up with. But I’m carving this space to look at travel through a different lens while also indulging mainstream ways to blog about travel.

In my opinion, travel holds little wonder without culture. Culture encompasses a slew of elements: traditions, art, literature, clothing, food, and many more facets that make a community come alive. I’ve always been fascinated by the details that weave together a society and how wildly different our practices are. Culture is a patchwork quilt and when viewed globally, we make quite a chaotic and intricate fabric.

As I try- and sometimes fail- to put my ideas into form, I’ll be borrowing different formats to make it work. From photos to poetry, the blog will be home to my creative ventures, a journal of my experiments. It’ll constantly be a work in progress. While I wasn’t comfortable with that thought initially, I realized that most things are always adapting and the world is changing every day. My blog is bound to evolve as the year goes by.

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